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Live Baccarat

Introduction To Live Baccarat

In this live baccarat tutorial, you will learn how to play one of the oldest classic casino games. Baccarat is a card game with a difference. Players bet on the outcome of a game between the Banker and an imaginary Player. This means you can start to play even if you’re not sure of the rules, though, obviously, it’s more fun if you understand live baccarat strategy. Let’s begin with how to play the game.

How To Play Live Baccarat

The live baccarat game is played between a Player and the Banker. Players bet on who will win the round, the Banker or the Player, or if it will be a tie. The aim of the game is to reach a score of 9. Cards numbered 2 to 9 count as face value and the ace counts as 1. All of the face cards and tens have a value of zero.

Live baccarat bets are simple. There are only three bets available; bet on the Banker to win, bet on the Player to win, and bet on a tie. Bets are placed before the cards are dealt. Live baccarat odds are fixed. A bet on the Banker pays 0.95 to 1, a bet on the Player pays 1 to 1 and 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 on a tie.

Once the live baccarat cards are revealed, there are rules to determine how the game is played. The aim is to reach a total of 9 but if the total is ten or more then only the final digit counts. The rules which determine whether the Banker and Player will draw or stand are explained below. But remember, you are betting on the outcome of the game, so don’t need to understand all the rules to play.

  • The Game Is Played Between “The Banker” And “The Player”
  • Bets Are Placed On Who Will Win
  • The Aim Of The Game Is To Reach A Score Of Nine
  • It Is Impossible To Go Bust In Baccarat

Live Baccarat Rules

Once the live baccarat bets are placed, two cards are dealt each to the Player and the Banker. If either hand has a score of eight or nine, the game is over and bets are paid according to who has won. If neither hand has a score of eight or nine the play continues. The Player must draw a card if their score is between 0 and 5, otherwise, they must stand. Whether the Banker draws is determined by the Player’s third card, as well as the Banker’s score. If the Player didn’t take a third card the Banker must only draw if their score is between 0 and 5. If the Player has taken the third card, whether the Banker draws depends on both the value of that third card and the Banker’s score. Ultimately, when you are playing live baccarat online, you don’t need to worry too much about these rules, as the game is played out by the dealer.

Live Baccarat Strategies

Thankfully, the live baccarat strategy is simpler than the rules for when the Banker should draw a card. While it might look as though there is a lower payout on bets for the Banker, the Banker actually has a slight advantage. So the safest bet is to bet on the Banker, but the returns will be small. While a tie pays 8 to 1, or sometimes 9 to 1, the actual chance of a tie occurring is fairly low.

If you avoid betting on a tie, live baccarat has a very low house edge and it is possible to come out on top. Many betting strategies are used for baccarat. Some suggest you should choose a position and stick with it; others suggest switching between Banker and Player bets. Another suggestion is to switch strategy when you lose. It’s also worth remembering that many casinos will return stakes if the game ends with a tie.

  • Bets On The Banker Have The Lowest House Edge
  • Avoid Betting On A Tie
  • Some Casinos Return Your Stake If There Is A Tie

Different Types of Live Baccarat

The main version of live baccarat, which follows the rules described, is called Punto Banco. Chemin de Fer is a version of live baccarat where the players actually participate in the game, rather than just betting on the outcome. In this version, the players take turns to be the Banker, and bets against the other players. The players who don’t have the bank can only place bets on the Player’s hand. Speed Baccarat is a fast-paced, online version of the game where each round takes only 27 seconds. Some online casinos also offer baccarat multiplay which allows players to bet on multiple baccarat tables at once. Another feature of the online game is the option to place side bets on pairs or the points difference by which the game is won.

Tips and tricks for Live Baccarat beginners:

Live Baccarat is quite easy to start playing, as you don’t need to understand all the details to enjoy playing. Choose a slower-paced game to begin so you can watch how the game works. Once you get to know the game better, you might want to place a few side bets, but remember that the main game has the lowest house edge. Avoid betting on a tie, and remember that the most likely outcome is a Banker win.

Glossary Of Terms in the Game

  • Player Bet – A bet for the Player hand to win
  • Banker Bet – A bet for the Banker hand to win
  • Draw – To take another card
  • Stand – To stick with the cards you have and not take any more
  • Tie – A game where both hands have the same number of points

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a hand has more than 9 points?

It isn’t possible to go bust at live baccarat. When the points in a hand total ten or more, only the final figure counts, so a total of eleven counts as 1 and ten as 0. This means if a third card is drawn the points total may end up lower than at the start.

Do I need to understand the drawing rules to play?

Because, when you play live baccarat, you are only betting on the outcome of the game, you don’t necessarily need to understand every rule. However, it makes the game more fun if you have some understanding of how it works. Of course, it isn’t worth getting bogged down in all the details.

Should I make side bets?

While the live baccarat game has a low house edge, it also has short odds, so you won’t make a big win unless you play for high stakes. If you’re looking for a more exciting bet live baccarat side games can be fun and offer the possibility of a bigger win.


If you want to know more about live baccarat or find out where and how to Play Baccarat in all its different forms, check out The website gives detailed descriptions of all the rules and strategies, and a full game guide. It also has advice on choosing the best online casino for you.